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Easter Salad

- breakfast/dessert
- Vegetarian
- Number of servings:4
- Kitchen Time: less than 5 minutes
- Lead Time Required: less than 10 minutes
- Estimated Cost of Ingredients: $12-$35 depending on your geographic region and the availability of fruit

- A delicious fruit salad

- 8 oz. heavy whipping cream
- 2 tablespoons fructose
- 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
- 2 ripe bananas
- 1 blood orange
- 1 pint strawberries
- 1/2 pint blueberries
- 10 oz. frozen cherries

- slice the fruit into bite size pieces and combine in a bowl
- pour the heavy whipping cream into a bowl and whip it with your mixer.
- when the cream is whipped (removing the mixer produces soft peaks), add the fructose and the vanilla extract
- serve the fruit salad
- top with whipped cream

- What makes it an Easter salad in particular is the use of blood oranges. Any orange can be substituted for the blood orange in this recipe. In fact, each fruit in this recipe is optional. I just happen to like this particular combination. The generalized recipe is: take your favorite fruits, chop 'em up and mix 'em together; top with whipped cream. The whipped cream made in the way is what my mother used to fill cream puffs the one time in my lifetime that she made them. She says they are a once every 30 years treat and the blustery conditions required to make them did not make we wish for them more often. They are not an easy recipe, but their filling is! And it's quite delicious with fruit. A note about fructose: it is a natural sweetener, the sugar found in fruits. It has the same glycemic index as carbs (much much lower than other sweeteners) and I usually find it in the bulk department of health food stores. Ironically, given that the body processes it like a carbohydrate, it is said to be sweeter than table sugar. I've never used any other sweetener, so I wouldn't know. In my opinion it is worth a trip to the healthfood store to get fructose. However, when I am given a recipe that calls for sugar, I simply substitute is with fructose 1:1. I assume if you don't have fructose and want to make this recipe, use sugar to taste. Start with 2 tablespoons.
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