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Recipes for Dummies

Cooking in 20 minutes or less, no skill required
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This is a community for posting easy recipes, that people with little cooking skill or experience can make in 20 minutes or less of kitchen time. (It's okay if it needs to be in the oven/fridge/stove/microwave for longer, as long as the cook can be off watching TV while that happens.) The recipes shouldn't involve any advanced technique or specialized equipment that wouldn't be found in the average neophyte kitchen.

Feel free to post recipes that aren't originally yours. (Though give credit to the source, if known) If we all exchange our favorite easy recipes, we can trick people into thinking that we're actually good cooks!


Please post recipes in the following format:

- Name of recipe

- Type of dish (main course, side dish, breakfast, dessert, salad, etc.)
- Common dietary restrictions your dish meets, if any. (Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc.)
- Number of servings
- Kitchen Time
- Lead Time Required (how long until your dish is ready to eat)
- Estimated Cost of Ingredients

- A short (50 words or less) description


- A Bullet pointed list of Ingredients

- Step by step instructions (bullet pointed)

- A longer description, serving suggestions, any other information you think is important.

- A picture (if available)